Xerox increased its net profit 2 times in 2018


Net profit of American Xerox increased 1.85 times in 2018 and amounted to $361 million, according to the company's financial statements. Earnings per share rose to 1.38 dollars from 0.7 dollars in 2017. Xerox reduced revenue for the earnings period by 4.2% to $9.83 billion. In the last quarter of 2018, the company's profit was $137 million against a loss of $190 million for the earnings period last year. Earnings per share reached $0.56 against a loss of $0.78 a year earlier. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Xerox revenues fell by 7.8% to $2.533 billion. The company plans to increase earnings to $3.7-3.8 per share in 2019. Xerox Corp. was founded in 1906 in Rochester (New York, USA) and became the first company to produce its own copy machines.

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