Worldwide spending on artificial intelligence will grow by 38% annually


Analysts of the international research company International Data Corporation predict that in 2019 the cost of artificial intelligence systems in the world will grow by 44%, reaching almost 35 billion 800 million dollars. In the future, each year the figure will grow by an average of 38% and by 2022 will reach 79 billion 200 million dollars. In the field of retail, leading in global spending on artificial intelligence systems, investments in the development of automated customer service assistants, professional consultants for purchases and recommendation services will amount to about $5,900 million in 2019. The next largest segment of investments planned for this year is the segment of banking operations. Its investment in artificial intelligence will amount to 5 billion 600 million dollars. Among countries, the leader in spending in this area will be the United States, which accounts for about a third of global spending.

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