With deaths crossing 100 in the U.S., Trump administration demands $1 trillion stimulus package

Tuesday saw the demand of the Trump administration for a $1 trillion stimulus package for the virus onslaught. Assumed to include $1,000 direct payments to individual Americans, this financial effort is seen as a way to soften the economic blows to the country as the coronavirus had already killed over 100 people in the territory.
In all of the country's 50 states, the number of infections had been reported to have totaled, 4,226 with 75 deaths. As such, millions of Americans have chosen to stay at home instead of risking it outside.
Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York is contemplating on order the city's 8.5 million residents to “shelter in place” to abide by the  “social distancing” policies imposed by the state.
“It’s a very, very difficult decision,” de Blasio stated in an interview. “We’ve never been here before.” Andrew Cuomo, the state's governor had said in a news outlet. He had also aired his apprehension about the measures that are being done by the local government.
Over 6 Million residents within the San Francisco Bay area have been mandated to stay within their homes, until April 7th. Food chains and restaurants, bars, gyms and other businesses classified as “non-essential” were forcibly closed. On the other hand, marijuana dispensaries were allowed continue operations as cannabis is seen as an “essential medicine” by health authorities.
Kentucky and Illinois had already reported of deaths from the virus which had brought the toll to a total of 108 cases.
In a report, it had been said that 22 people were infected in a nursing home in Chicago.
The Washington state saw the death of 52 of its citizens. This had compelled Governor Jay Inslee to sign a legislation that had approved of $200 million for homeless aid and other counter-virus measures. The governor of California signed for $1 billion, while Georgia’s governor approved a $100 million budget.
Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey,  resorted into having indoor shopping malls shutdown as the record of unemployment caused the data system to crash. Minnesota’s Mall of America, the second largest mall in the country had stated that it would be closing. 
In the same vein, Kansas had shut schools until the end of the academic year. Governor Gavin Newsom of California said that the local administration is expecting that their students amounting to 6.1 million in population would resume classes before summer.


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