Wholesale prices in India rose by 2.93% in February


One of the most important inflation indicators for the Central Bank of India, the wholesale price index, rose in February by 2.93%. Regarding the increase of 2.76% in March last year, the growth rate of the index accelerated in February, but its value remained near the minimum for the year. Experts had expected it to grow by 2.88%. Food prices rose by 4.28% in annual terms. Consumer goods rose in price by 4.84%. The increase in the cost of fuel was at the level of 2.26%. Industrial products went up by 2.25%. Economists believe that the Reserve Bank of India may again lower its key interest rate at its meeting on April 4, since the February acceleration of the growth rate of the wholesale price index was insignificant. At the same time, experts expect a further increase in core inflation in the country.

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