Watch exports from Switzerland rose by 0.2% in January


The report of the Federation of the Swiss watch industry showed that in January the export of watches from the country grew slightly - by 0.2%, whereas in December it was reported that it fell by 2.8%. In total, in other countries, watches in the amount of 1 million 623 thousand Swiss francs were delivered. Hong Kong recorded an increase in shipments by 1.9%, the USA - by 9.1%. The figure in Japan jumped by 28.5%, in the UK - by 23.6%. The drop in supply was noted in China, here the decline was 14.8%. The total exports of Switzerland in the first month of the year was at the level of 18 billion 665 million francs, having increased by 0.6% compared to December. Imports of 17 billion 474 million francs grew by 4.8% for the quarter. Thus, the country's trade surplus reduced to 1 billion 388 million Swiss francs.

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