Walmart to extend Black Friday promos in light of consumer's spending habits


On Wednesday, Walmart Inc. (WMT.N) announced that it would start its Black Friday promos beyond the usual one day period this year.

The American multinational retail corporation said that consumers changed their spending habits after the coronavirus pandemic severely affected the retail industry.

"Although this year's event looks different, our commitment to what our customers depend on us for... hasn't changed," Walmart's U.S. Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer Scott McCall said.

Other retailers such as Target (TGT.N), Best Buy (BBY.N), and Kohl's (KSS.N) announced its plans to roll-out their earliest shopping season while moving winter holiday promotions forward to as early as this month.

The world's largest retailer stated that it would offer reduced prices during three separate savings events across November 2020. The firm added that each savings event would begin online at its website and continue in Walmart stores. 

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