Walmart gains brighten global economic plunge


US’ biggest retailer, Walmart, released its second quarter earnings to ease off recession speculation and major economic slump among large economies on a global scale.

A 6.1% climb is remarkable enough for Walmart’s second quarter gains to patch up recent mounting economic problems including the additional tariffs to be shouldered by China starting September.

Proving to be the largest retailer in the world, Walmart ascended to unparalleled gains no other retail chain has done after posting a five-year gain streak.

The retail sales get its majority gains from groceries and food chains.

Online sales also fared well, beating the company’s expectation of a 35% increase as it posted a 37% figure.

Walmart’s total revenue soared by 1.8% amounting to some $130 billion that exceeded expectations of analysts.

The company did not change its gun sales policy amid public criticism as the number of mass shootings in the U.S. increased recently.

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