Volvo’s revenues surpassed the market forecast in Q2

Sweden producer of commercial and cargo cars, buses and construction equipment Volvo reported on the Q2 about net profit growth to 11,13 billions of Sweden kroons. In 2018 this indicator was about 9,22 billions of kroons. Experts forecast supposed insignificant profit growth — to 9,5 kroons. Company’s revenues in Q2 surpassed the market revenues too. Its volume raised up by 16% to 120,69 billions while experts expected 111,73 bn revenues. Cargo cars production business increased its revenues by 16%. The buses production field raised up its revenue indicator by 10%. In the same time decrease in orders by 21% in reporting period may become a reason of production falling in Q3-Q4. The biggest revenues growth by 49% was noted in the South America. The North America indicator jumped by 39%. In Europe Volvo’s revenues increased by 7%.


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