Volkswagen sales rose by 0.9% by the end of 2018


German automotive group Volkswagen finished 2018 with a record sales figure. Deliveries grew by 0.9%, and the company sold 10.58 million vehicles, which will allow it to retain 1st place in sales in the world. Deliveries of Volkswagen cars increased in several regions at once. Sales growth in Eastern Europe amounted to 7.1%, and this was largely due to the high demand for the company's brands in Russia. In China, sales of Volkswagen cars rose by 0.5%, despite a sharp drop in December by 12.5%. Sales in North America decreased by 2%, while in South America, deliveries of cars increased by 13.1%. The model of off-road vehicles has become one of the sources of sales growth in 2018. Volkswagen Passenger Cars with a score of 6.24 million cars remains in first place in terms of sales, Audi is in the second place with an indicator of 1.8 million cars.

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