US sales in the secondary housing market declined historically


Sales of secondary housing in the United States fell to a minimum in three years in December. At the same time, growth in real estate prices slowed down. The United States Association of Realtors reports: sales of homes in the secondary market fell by 6.4% to a value of 4.99 million units. The last time such a low figure was recorded in November 2015. Analysts had expected sales to fall by 1%. For the entire 2018, sales decreased by 3.1% and reached a minimum since 2015. Sales of homes in the secondary market - 90% of all sales of residential real estate in the United States. Last year, sales fell 10.3%. High mortgage rates, a shortage of land and labor were the reasons for the fall in the housing market. However, the mortgage rate has fallen in recent months, which gives sellers in the US housing market hope for a slight increase in 2019.


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