US power consumption reached a new record level in 2018


U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that in 2018, the country consumed a record amount of energy since 2007 in the amount of 101.268 quadrillion British thermal units, which increased by 4% over the year. Oil consumption also rose to a maximum since 2007 and reached 20.5 million barrels per day. Last year, the volume of consumed natural gas increased the most, reaching 31 quadrillion British thermal units. According to Rhodium Group, last year in the United States for the first time in recent years there was an increase in carbon dioxide emissions from burning hydrocarbon fuels. The above data indicate a likely further increase in harmful emissions into the atmosphere from the United States. They also point to a significant reduction in the effect of international agreements to limit emissions, especially given the statements by the administration of US President Donald Trump about refusing to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement.

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