US import prices fell 1% in December


Prices for imported goods in the United States fall for the second month in a row against the backdrop of a stronger dollar, Reuters reports. In December, prices for imported products fell by 1%. At the end of 2018, the indicators also showed a decline of 0.6%. The fall in prices has reached its maximum since September 2016. The decline in import prices was recorded for the first time since 2015. Imported oil prices fell by 11.6% after falling by 16% in November. Prices, excluding food and oil, have not changed since November, when they fell by 0.1%. At the end of 2018, export prices rose by 1.1%, although in December they showed a decline of 0.6%. In November, export prices fell 0.8%. The financial results of the year determined the future monetary policy of the United States. The leaders of the Central Bank of the country is not planning to raise the interest rate.

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