US Factories prioritize in-demand products to resupply supermarkets amid virus outbreak


The U.S. consumer product companies shifted their production scheme by halting the run of other products and maximizing the production of essential products that are highly demanded amid the virus outbreak.

Traditional retailers and stores have warned against hoarding supplies including toilet paper, cleaning items, and sanitizing products that cause scarcity of supply in the supermarkets. Amazon, the biggest e-commerce in the U.S., reported that it sold out many household staples after a high demand in orders.

Amid the swift transmission of the new coronavirus across the U.S. and the entire European countries, U.S. President Donald Trump had a phone call on Sunday with 30 executives from different grocery stores including Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

“The grocery supply chain is not going to shut down,” Dough Baker, Crisis Management Leader for the Food Marketing Institute said.

Different firms across the grocery industry are doing everything to assure that they keep their manpower numbers to keep the production running. In the U.S., 62 deaths from the coronavirus have been tallied as of today. The number of cases of infected individuals is expected to rise from the recently tallied 3,000 cases.

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