US defers tariffs on some Chinese goods


The 10% additional tariffs on some Chinese imports will have to take its time off as US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday moved his target date of tariff imposition in gadgets like cellphones and laptop and other goods.

The original September 1 deadline was moved to December 15 which covers the tariff on clothing items as holiday sales are fast approaching.

In a statement, Trump said that he was delaying the tariffs for the Christmas season in case these tariffs would have an impact on US consumers. He further explained that the move is to make the extra tariff irrelevant to the Christmas shopping season.

But the rest of the Chinese products will have 10% tariffs in September as planned.

Trump announced August 1 his extra 10% tariff on Chinese goods as one of the countermeasures of the US against China during their heated trade blow exchanges.

This gesture form the world’s most powerful economy can be seen by analysts as a sign that the US is willing to compromise with China as they renew trade talks.

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