Unemployment in the US fell below 4% for the first time since 2000

Unemployment in the US in April fell below 4% for the first time since 2000 to 3.9%. During the previous 6 months, unemployment was at the level of 4.1%. According to the US Department of Labor, the number of jobs in the US economy in April rose by 164 thousand. Analysts had predicted an increase in the figure by 193,000 places and a drop in the unemployment rate to 4%. Average hourly wages increased by 0.1% compared to March and by 2.6% in annual terms. In April, the share of the population's participation in the labor force decreased to 62.8% from 62.9% a month earlier. Analysts had expected an increase to 63%. Since the unemployment rate in the US is below the level that the Fed considers a long-term norm, in the future it is possible to expect upward pressure on wages and inflation in the country.

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