Unemployment in the UK in March-May remained at a 44-year low


Between March and May, unemployment in the UK did not change, keeping the 44-year-old low of the previous three months at 3.8%. Economists also did not expect a change in the indicator. At the same time, a slight decrease in the level of employment was observed in the country in the specified period - up to 76%. The wages of workers, which do not include bonuses, increased by 3.6% in annual terms. The total wage rate, taking into account premiums, rose by 3.4%, which was higher than market growth by 3.1%. The hiring rate is slowing as British employers are becoming more and more cautious about this issue due to the withdrawal from the EU. According to estimates of the Bank of England, wages for the current year will rise by 3%. In June, unemployment in the country rose to 3.2% from the May value of 3.1%.

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