UK house prices fall in January


Halifax: UK house price index declined by 2.9% after rising 2.5% in December. Analysts had predicted a less significant decline - by 0.5%. In annual terms, housing prices rose by 0.8% against growth of 1.3% in December. The managing director of Halifax drew attention to the fall of the index for the second time in three years in January-February. However, in his opinion, real estate prices in the country have not changed over the year. An annual growth of 0.8% may indicate economic uncertainty or slow growth. In 2019, experts will look closely at the demand and supply of housing. The reason is the end of Brexit and its impact on the market. On the demand side, experts observe employment growth, low inflation and mortgage rates. On the supply side, there is a shortage of stocks for sale. Taken together, this will result in a modest rise in prices in the near future.

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