Uber will start developing unmanned scooters and bicycles


Uber, the American taxi service and the app of the same name, will start developing unmanned bikes and scooters. Unmanned vehicles themselves will be able to drive up to the place of recharging, the head of 3D Robotics, Chris Anderson, said. The Micromobility unit will exist as part of the Jump bike rental service. Anderson has already launched the hiring of employees, having attached a link to the application form for the vacancy on Twitter. Uber bought Jump in the spring of 2018. The head of the service, Dara Khosrovshahi, mentioned the change of Uber strategy. The company, along with taxi services, will offer customers to rent a bicycle. The option to rent an electric bike is available in the Uber app, starting in February, in eight US cities. It is already possible to rent a bike in New York and Washington. Soon this option will appear in Berlin.  

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