U.S. House approves $8.3 billion bill to combat virus outbreak


The U.S. House of Representatives approved an $8.3 billion bill in an effort to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus and commence the developing of vaccines. The bill, which was passed on Wednesday, will be sent for final approval to the Senate where a vote is due Thursday.

The bill was overwhelming in favor, voting 415-2 on it in a few hours after it was unveiled.

The contents of the bill include funding needed to broaden the scope of testing the coronavirus that has spread outside China. The number of infected cases in the United States had risen to 129 with additional deaths on Wednesday bringing the death toll up to 11.

With the help of the White House also assisting in the effort, congress work quickly to gain passage in a bid to get U.S. President Trump to sign it into law before the end of the week.

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