Trump looks to extend the trade war, to aid US farmers when affected


The US President Donald Trump continued to give trade war measure implications on his Tweets on August 6 – stand with his farmers when they get pressured by China.

Trump on his official Twitter accounted posted, “As they have learned in the last two years, our great American Farmers know that China will not be able to hurt them in that their President has stood with them and done no other president would do – And I’ll do it again next year if necessary!”

This statement was made after China rebuked the US’ branding of the Chinese bank as a currency manipulator and went on to say that the US was deliberately destroying order.

The growing trade war has directly affected the stock markets. The Wall Street posted its lowest rate of 2019 last Monday. On Tuesday however, things started to stabilize as the global market leveled. The Dow was up by 0.7%.

Trump’s latest tweet implies an extended trade war as analysts view it at least until the year 2020.

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