Total wealth of dollar millionaires in 2017 for the first time exceeded 70 trillion dollars

In 2017, the combined wealth of all dollar millionaires in the world grew by 10.6%, for the first time exceeding $70 trillion, according to a survey by Capgemini. The growth of the number of wealthy people in the world amounted to 1 million 600 thousand people. Three-quarters of them are from North America and the Asia-Pacific region. 61.2% of all dollar millionaires in the world in 2017 lived in the US, Germany, Japan and China. The maximum growth in the wealth of millionaires by 14.8% is recorded in the Asia-Pacific region. North America, where growth was 10.3%, took second place. The shares hold 30.9% of the wealth of the world's wealthy people, in money and equivalents - 27.2%, in real estate - 16.8%. Capgemini expects that by 2025 the wealth of millionaires in the world will grow to $100 trillion.

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