Toshiba's net profit increased by 25% in the past fiscal year


Japanese corporation Toshiba, following the results of the past fiscal year, published a report, according to which, its net profit increased by 25% and amounted to a record 1.01 trillion yen. At the same time, the company reported a drop in operating profit to 35.4 billion yen from 86.2 billion yen at the end of the previous fiscal year. Revenue totaled 3.69 trillion yen, also down from 3.95 trillion yen from last year. The Toshiba report says that its US business for the year showed strong financial results. At the same time, the results of its activities in European markets were disappointing against the background of continuing uncertainty regarding the UK exit from the EU, as well as the negative impact of the intensified trade conflict between China and the United States on demand in this region. Toshiba's stock price fell 0.7% in Tokyo during trading on Monday.

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