Tories likely to win despite hung parliament chances; U.S.-China conflict anew


According to top 10 analysts, Tories are likely to win the elections. While this is the case, a hung Parliament might still be in the cards due to Conservatives not favored in some parts of the Westminster.

Worth noting here are rising allegations related to UK Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson that came with his latest media appearance. This had him accepting mistakes in promises given relating to the National Healthcare System (NHS) and Northern Irish borders.

On the other side of the globe, the U.S. and China seem to have a new rub-in as the latter's government ceased usage of foreign computers and software. This had been compounded by its complete shrug-off of the trade war's impact.

This was furthered by untoward remarks from the Governor of China’s Xinjiang and an escalation of Hong Kong protests. This had placed the risk tone heavier recently.

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