The volume of retail sales in the UK remained unchanged in January


A survey of 103 British retailers showed that retail sales in January remained at the same level. In December, the figure fell by 13%, and analysts had expected it to grow in early 2019. In 2018, sales fell to the level of November 2011 and kept at below average levels. Sellers and analysts are waiting for sales growth and growth in number of orders in the next month. Online sales grew at the same pace as in December 2018. According to forecasts, sales growth on the Internet will decline in February to below the average. Sales fell in 6 out of 9 retail sectors. Sales in the automotive sector have not changed. Wholesale sales have grown and will continue to grow in February. The ratio of stocks to sales in January was the highest since February 2008. According to responses of respondents, this is due to the fact that manufacturers are preparing for the release of Britain from the EU, increasing stocks.

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