The volume of M&A in the world declined in the third quarter


The volume of mergers and acquisitions in the world decreased by 35% in the third quarter relative to the second quarter and amounted to 783 billion dollars, reports citing Reuters. The reason for the reduction of M&A is the escalation of the US trade war with China. So, because of trade duties announced by the US, the American Qualcomm did not get permission from the antimonopoly authorities of the People's Republic of China to buy NXP Semiconductors. In the last quarter, there were announced 6% less transactions in the world than last year, their number was the lowest since 2013, 9 thousand 135. For 9 months of this year, the volume of the M&A market reached a record $3 trillion 200 billion. In the European M&A market, the highest activity was registered, here the volume of transactions grew by 75%. At the same time, the volume of announced deals in Europe in the third quarter decreased by 14%. In the US market, the indicator grew by 14%.

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