The volume of global air transportation will rise to 8.2 billion in 2037


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts a two-fold increase in global passenger traffic to 8.2 billion people, China Daily reports. The volume of China's air traffic by 2037 will increase to 1.6 billion people. According to experts, the volume of air transportation will grow by 3.5% annually. The Chinese passenger market is the second largest in the world. IATA believes that the PRC market will be the largest by 2024-2025. Association CEO, Alexandre de Juniac, calls China a key factor in the development of civil aviation. According to him, the passenger traffic market has shifted to the east, where China is the main engine. Growth in the Chinese market is associated with impressive economic growth, rising incomes and demographic features. By 2020, India will take the third place in terms of air traffic. Indonesia will rise from the tenth place in 2017 to the fourth in 2030. Chinese airlines carried 610 million passengers in 2018, which is 11.4% more than a year earlier. In total, the Chinese market, which includes 294 companies, accounts for 82% of flights in the world.

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