The USA will start deliveries of natural gas to Germany from 2022


Germany will begin to purchase liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States after the manner of Poland and the Baltic countries. German energy company, Uniper SE, a partner of Gazprom, announced the signing of a contract with the European subsidiary of American ExxonMobil. According to the contract, Uniper SE reserves the power of the American LNG terminal in the port of Wilhelmshaven. The terminal is built on the basis of the December agreement with Japanese Mitsui O.S.K Line (MOL). MOL will supply an installation for LNG regasification in Germany with a capacity of 10 billion cubic meters per year. The terminal will start its work in 2022. Uniper SE has entered into an agreement on reserving its capacity share with ExxonMobil. In the near future a long-term contract will be concluded between the companies, Uniper reports. The new plant will allow the company to supply American gas to the European and German markets. The Wilhelmshaven terminal will be the third LNG terminal in Germany. In addition to the American installation, two more will appear in Lower Saxony and Brunsbüttel. Angela Merkel is ready to allocate 500 million euros to finance the construction of terminals and connection to gas networks, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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