The US trade deficit retreated from a 10-year maximum amid falling imports from China


In January, the US trade deficit was fixed at the level of 51 billion 100 million dollars. According to the country's Department of Commerce, the figure fell by 14.6% against December, showing the fastest rate of decline since March 2018. Economists had expected it to be reduced to 57 billion dollars. Exports amounted to 207 billion 300 million dollars, up 0.9%. Growth was observed in deliveries of soybeans, automobiles and spare parts for them, while exports of capital goods declined. Imports amounted to 258.5 billion dollars, which is the lowest figure since June 2018. Its volume relative to the previous month fell by 2.6%. In January, there was a drop in imports of capital goods, semiconductors and civil aircraft. Oil was imported to the value of 1 billion 400 million dollars less than in December. The trade deficit with China fell to $33 billion 200 million.

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