The US proposed budget for 2020 provides for a deficit of more than 1 trillion dollars


The US proposed budget for the 2020 fiscal year, sent to Congress by President Donald Trump, provides for expenses amounting to 4 trillion 700 billion dollars. This amount also includes the cost of a wall that should be built on the Mexican border in the amount of 8 billion 600 million dollars. Bloomberg expect the project to be rejected by the Congress, not excluding the regular suspension of the government after long negotiations. The project proposes to reduce discretionary non-defense expenditures by 9%. At the same time, it laid down a reduction in the expenses of the Environmental Protection Agency by 31%, the expenses of the State Department - by 23%, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development - by 16%. Defense spending is proposed to increase by 5%. According to the project, the US budget deficit in the next 3 years will be above $1 trillion.

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