The US external deficit grew by 7.2% in June

The negative balance of the US external trade balance in June 2018 increased by 7.2% compared to May to 46 billion 300 million dollars, the country's Ministry of Trade reported. Analysts had predicted growth to 46.5 billion dollars. Excluding price fluctuations, the figure rose to 79 billion 300 million dollars from 75.5 billion dollars a month earlier. Exports of goods and services declined by 0.7% to 213 billion 800 million dollars. Exports of consumer goods fell by 8.1%, cars and spare parts for them - by 5.2%. Deliveries of gasoline abroad have reached a record 19 billion 900 million dollars. The volume of imports increased by 0.6% to 260 billion 200 million dollars, mainly due to active purchases of oil and medicines. Purchases of foreign oil grew by 2%. The trade deficit with China rose insignificantly to 32.5 billion from 32 billion in May.

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