The United States again sharply raised the forecast of oil production in the country


The US Department of Energy is now reviewing its estimates for the development of the US energy market almost every month, as shale production in the country continues to outpace forecasts. Thus, in the forecast updated in February, it is expected that the rate of daily oil production in the US by the end of 2019 will be 12,650,000 barrels. The Ministry increased its January estimate by 401 thousand barrels. Compared with the forecast published two years ago, the assessment of the Ministry has increased by 1 million 610 thousand barrels. Oil production in the United States in January exceeded a record 12 million barrels per day 2 months ahead of schedule. It is expected that the new world record for daily production above 13 million barrels will be set by the United States by the end of 2020.

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