The Swiss watches export fell down by 10,7% in June


The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH reported that the export of Swiss watches fell down in June with the highest pace since October 2016. It decreased by 10,7%. In a whole watches of the amount of 1,738 billions of Swiss francs were supplied abroad. The revenue of the hand-watches sales decreased by 10% to 1,64 billions francs. Watches for the whole amount of 202,9 millions francs were exported to the US. Its volume increased by 7,2%. Supplies to Japan grew up in 3,1% and to Britain jumpes by 12,7%. In the same time the Hong Kong value fell down by 26,8%. According to results of Q1-Q2 Switzerland increased its watch export in 1,4% year-by-year to 10,666 bn francs. According to official data the general value of Swiss export in June was 20,3 bn francs. In comparison with previous month in decreased by 0,1% while import increased by 1,4%. The whole value of import was 17,1 bn francs. The country surplus reached 3,3 bn francs raised up from the May value of 1,5 billions.

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