The Swiss National Bank in 2018 recorded a loss against a profit a year earlier


The Swiss National Bank reported on the results of 2018. Last year, the Central Bank suffered a loss of 14 billion 934 million Swiss francs against a profit of 54 billion 372 million francs a year earlier. This result was due to an annual loss of 16 billion 338 million francs, thanks to which the bank got assets in foreign currency. Swiss currency assets were profitable. Their yield was 2 billion 46 million francs. At the end of the year, the gold reserves of the Swiss Central Bank lost 256 million 700 thousand francs in terms of value. Although the bank completed the loss last year, it intends to pay dividends of 15 francs per share and transfer at least 1 billion francs to the governments of the confederation and cantons.  

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