The sentiment of investors in the eurozone improved in July

The investor confidence index in the euro zone unexpectedly rose to 12.1 points in July from 9.3 points in June, according to a poll by the Sentix Analytical Center. Analysts had expected the value of the index at 9 points. However, experts of the center consider the index increase as a “technical” counter-movement after a sharp decline in June rather than the beginning of a new recovery. The index of the current situation improved to 36.8 points from 34.5 points, the index of expectations - to minus 10 points from minus 13.3 points. They note at Sentix that a trade dispute between the US and the rest of the world can lead to a slowdown in the economic investors sentiment. In Germany, the indicator of investor confidence at Sentix fell to 16.2 points in July from 18.5 points in June.

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