The rate of Bitcoin fell below $3,400 for the first time since the end of January


Bitcoin fell in price to $3,391.33 during trading on Wednesday, which is 1.7% lower than the previous day, CoinDesk reports. During the bidding, the cryptocurrency rate dropped to $3,355.1. Jani Ziedins from the Cracked Market blog believes that there are no longer any buyers who want to buy bitcoin while its price is falling. According to the economist, users are not impressed with such prices, and the price of cryptocurrency may fall further. On Wednesday, other digital currencies also fell in price. Ethereum fell by 4.5%, Litecoin - by 4.9%. The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market from the peak of 2019 has already fallen by almost $27 billion - from $138 billion to $111.4 billion. February Bitcoin futures are going down 1.8%.

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