The price of Bitcoin has grown by more than 200% since December 2018


During trading on Wednesday, the Bitcoin rate was 12 thousand 900 dollars, an increase of 14%. Since December 2018, its price jumped more than 200%. In connection with the increased enthusiasm of investors, caused by plans to launch Facebook's own cryptocurrency called Libra, analysts are reminiscent of a similar situation in 2017, when bitcoin grew by 1400%, and in 2018 its rate fell by 74%. They believe that the collapse of the cryptocurrency market is likely after its rapid growth. The launch of the new Libra digital currency next year was supported by the Visa, MasterCard and PayPal payment systems. Uber and Spotify are also Facebook partners in this project. The head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, positively assessed this project due to its implementation on a social media platform that covers a huge number of users. He believes that Libra can become an important part of the global financial system, it should be carefully studied by regulators.

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