The oil market moved to growth on fears of interruptions in fuel supplies from the ports of Libya

On Wednesday, oil prices rose on fears of interruptions in fuel supplies from ports of Libya. The chairman of the board of directors of the Libyan national oil and gas corporation National Oil, Mustafa Sanallah, expressed concern that the US and other world powers can block the export of oil from terminals under the control of the unrecognized government in the east of the country. Government, recognized by the international community, is in the west of the country. Sanallah said that only NOC can sell Libyan oil in the international market. August futures for Brent crude by 14:35 Moscow time went up by 47 cents to 78 dollars 9 cents per barrel. WTI crude oil with delivery in August reached a maximum of 72 dollars 80 cents per barrel in 2014, rising by 4 cents.

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