The OECD forecasts an almost 2-fold increase in global consumption of commodities by 2060


Consumption of commodities in the world by 2060 will increase almost 2 times to 167 gigatonnes, according to the calculations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development contained in the “Looking to 2060: Long-term global growth prospects”. Against the background of improved living standards, the world's population will reach 10 billion people by this time, which will entail a significant increase in mineral consumption. It is expected that the greatest growth will be observed in developing countries. More than half of the resources consumed today are these types of non-metallic raw materials such as sand, gravel and limestone. OECD experts expect that by 2060, the contribution in GDP of the recycling industry will increase, which is currently 10 times less than the contribution of the mining sector.

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