The number of the US durable goods orders rose 0.4% in January


In January, the number of orders for durable goods in the United States rose by 0.4% compared to December, when there was an increase of 1.3%, the country's Department of Commerce reported. This came as a surprise to economists, since they had predicted a decrease in orders by 0.5%. Orders for transport equipment after the increase by 3.1% in December continued to grow, and in January the increase was by 1.2%. Continued growth was also observed in the production of non-military aircraft and spare parts for them, where orders grew 15.9%. It is noted that further growth in orders for air transport may drop sharply due to the situation with Boeing after the crash of its 737 Max aircraft. The index of orders for durable goods, which does not include orders for transport equipment, fell in January by 0.1%.

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