The number of oil and gas installations in the world decreased in April

American company Baker Hughes reported a decrease in the number of operating oil and gas installations in the world in April for the second month in a row. Their number was 2,140 units, whereas a month earlier they numbered 2,113 installations. Compared to the same month last year, their number increased by 53 units. The United States recorded a drop in the number of installations by 11 units to 1,012. In Canada, the indicator fell by 85 units, amounting to 66 installations, which is the lowest value since June 2016. The share of North America in the world of existing drilling rigs dropped to 50.4% from 53% in March. The growth in the number of installations in April was shown by the following regions: Asia-Pacific - by 2 units, the Middle East - by 17 units, Europe - by 3 units, and Latin America - by 2 units.

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