The number of drilling rigs increased in the US

The number of oil drilling rigs in the US rose by one unit last week and amounted to 862 units, according to data from the oilfield services company Baker Hughes. Analysts at Simmons & Co predict that in 2018 the number of installations for drilling oil wells in the US will reach 1,025 units, increasing from 876 units in 2017. According to their estimates, in 2019 the number of drilling rigs will be 1 thousand 125 units. Energy Information Administration expects that this year the volume of raw materials production in the US will grow to 10 million 700 thousand barrels per day, and by 2019 it will reach 11 million 900 thousand barrels per day. Experts at Cowen & Co forecast that companies specializing in exploration and production will increase capital expenditures this year by 13% compared to 2017.

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