The Norwegian Pension Fund made record returns in the first quarter


According to the results of the first quarter, the Norwegian State Pension Fund reported on the largest volume of profit from investments in NOK in its history. The indicator reached 9.1%. At the end of last year, the first net loss of a Norwegian fund in 7 years was recorded. The return on investment during the earnings period was 738 billion NOK. Its growth was promoted by the increase in the value of investments in securities of high-tech companies. From investments in shares, the fund recorded a profit of 12.2%. Investment in bonds brought it a profit of 2.9%. Profit from real estate investments was at 1.7%. Following the new regulatory structure of investments introduced in 2017, the fund increased the share of shares in its investments in the last quarter to 69.2%. The share of bonds was 28%, real estate - 2.8%. The market value of the fund's assets as of May 3 was approximately $1 trillion 56 billion.

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