The Netherlands in 2018 recorded the first in its history natural gas trade deficit


The natural gas trade deficit in the Netherlands in 2018 amounted to 2 billion 100 million euros. As reported by the statistical office CBS, the negative balance in this trade area was recorded for the first time in the history of the largest natural gas producer in the European Union. The volume of gas exports at the end of the year was at the level of 9 billion 800 million euros, while the volume of imports amounted to 12 billion euros, an increase of 43%. As a result of the earthquake at the EU’s largest Groningen field, natural gas production in the country dropped 2 times, production was stopped until the end of 2030. According to GasTerra, in 2018, 55.5 billion cubic meters of gas were exported from the Netherlands, which is 1 billion 100 million cubic meters less than in 2017. At the same time, in other countries about 56 billion cubic meters of natural gas were purchased, of which 7% were purchases of liquefied natural gas.

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