The Japan's export decreased in June seventh time in a row


The Ministry of Finance of Japan reported that the volume of Japanese export was 6,585 yens in June. In comparison with June 2018 value it fell down by 6,7%. Its falling surpassed the decline by 5,2% expected by economists. The export decreasing has been noted for seven months. This is due to the weakening growth of industry production in China because of maintaining trade war with the US. Last months Japan decreased the supplies of spare parts for cars and equipment for the production of microchips. The export volume into this country in June was 6,9% less than in May. The June export was 5,995 trillions yens. Its volume was decreased by 5,2% during last 12 months because of supplies decline of the non-ferrous metals and liquefied natural gas. The trade surplus of Japan in June was 589,5 bn yens after the May trade deficit of 968 bn yens.

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