The Japanese government intends to sell another stake in Japan Post


The Japanese government will place 1 billion 60 million shares of Japan Post Holdings. As a representative of the Ministry of Finance of Japan told Bloomberg, 4 underwriters in Japan and 2 from abroad were selected for this purpose. Japan Post Holdings, which provides postal, courier and other logistics services, was fully owned by the state before the IPO in 2015. The Japanese government has previously placed 43% of the company's shares, which allowed it to attract about 2 trillion 800 billion yen. Now, it is preparing to sell the last tranche of the company's shares in order to reduce the state’s share in Japan Post to the level prescribed by law. Taking into account the current price of shares, which at the end of trading on Tuesday amounted to 1,286 yen, the new placement of Japan Post may bring 1 trillion 360 billion yen to the government. According to Nikkei, these funds are planned to be used to restore areas that were hit by tsunamis and earthquakes in 2011.

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