The growth rate of house prices in the four largest cities in China slowed in July

In July 2018, housing prices in the four largest cities of China increased by 0.2% compared with June, when the growth was registered at 0.6%, according to the Office for National Statistics. The price of new buildings in Beijing increased by 0.2%, in Guangzhou - by 0.6%, in Shenzhen - by 0.5%. At the same time, new buildings in Shanghai fell in price by 0.1%. Compared with July 2017, prices for new housing in these four cities increased by an average of 0.2%. On the secondary market, the annual price increase was 0.5%. New buildings in 31 large cities of China in July rose in price by 1.1% compared to the previous month. The increase in prices in the next 35 cities of China was 1.5%.

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