The Greek government intends in the near future to weaken the measures of control over capital and reduce taxes


Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said in an interview with a local newspaper that a new easing of measures to control the movement of capital in the country would soon be announced. The Greek government will lift restrictions on the withdrawals of cash and opening of accounts. In addition, in 2019 it is planned to reduce the tax on real estate by about 10%. In 2020, the government intends to carry out the next tax cut and simultaneously change the system of its charging. According to the minister, the average tax will decrease by 30%. He believes that due to the improvement in the economy, it is possible to reduce unemployment to 10% within five years. Let us recall that the acute financial crisis and the massive withdrawal of funds from accounts in Greece forced the government in June 2015 to impose restrictions on the movement of capital.

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