The fall of the dollar caused a sharp increase in gold prices


Gold rose in price substantially on Thursday after dropping to a 3-week low on Wednesday, writes. The increase in the value of precious metals contributed to the decline in the US dollar index amid reports of progress in the negotiations on the Brexit. As reported by the Times, the negotiators from the EU and the UK managed to reach agreement on all issues of the upcoming partnership in the field of services and data exchange. This allowed the parties to enter into a preliminary deal that would keep British companies accessing European markets. Against this background, the dollar fell against the euro and the pound sterling. On Thursday, gold rose in price by 90 cents to 1 thousand 223 dollars 19 cents per troy ounce. The price of gold futures in the United States amounted to 1 thousand 224 dollars 80 cents per ounce, rising by 1.03%.

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