The expectations of British households about their financial situation have remained near the minimum over the last 5 years


The British households finance index, according to IHS Markit, rose to a maximum in three months at the beginning of the year. The inflation rate simultaneously dropped to its minimum level in two years, to 2.1%. In the absence of an agreement on the Brexit deal, British households hope for their financial situation in 2019 remains at the 2014 minimum level. According to IHS Markit economist, Joe Hayes, uncertainty in the financial environment of British households is growing due to barriers to exit from the EU. Theresa May was the loser following the discussion of the Brexit deal in parliament, which is why the UK can withdraw from the EU without an agreement on a transition period. Investment activity of British companies slowed down by the end of 2018. British citizens also did not change the perception of job security. It remains at the annual minimum. The Rightmove real estate portal recorded the weakest start of the year in the last six years for the housing market. However, the IHS Markit survey showed that most of the 1,500 respondents expect interest rates to increase in early 2019, and 73% of those surveyed - during the year.

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