The euro area recorded in May the lowest unemployment rate since July 2008


According to Eurostat, unemployment in the euro area was 7.5% in May, the lowest level since July 2008. Economists had predicted that the index in May would remain at the April's level of 7.6%. A total of 12.348 million unemployed people were registered in the euro area. Their number fell in May by 103 thousand, and compared to May of last year, the figure fell by 1.133 million people. In the European Union, unemployment stood at 6.3% in May, reflecting its lowest level since January 2000. A month earlier, unemployment was at 6.4%. The number of registered unemployed for May decreased by 71 thousand to 15.653 million people. Over the year, the figure fell by 1.277 million people. The Czech Republic showed the lowest unemployment rate - 2.2%. Germany was the next country with the lowest unemployment rate, its figure was at the level of 3.1%.

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